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Welcome to the Cloverleaf Tool Co.             February 2022

We provide Top Quality Pipeline/Sewer Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment for Jetter and Jet/Vac Equipment throughout the world. Located in Sarasota, Florida we are ideally located to ensure fast and efficient customer service. Our 15 year history has earned us the enviable reputation of being an industry leader and our affordable prices and service builds long term relationships.

If you require a part or have a technical question then simply give us a call. We don't just blindly sell parts, we understand their usage and if requested, can offer experienced guidance and advice on which part or method may be the most effective solution for your needs.

So, please feel free to give us a call on 800-365-6583 and join our list of satisfied customers.

We are also parts suppliers for Vactor® ,Vac-Con®, Aquatech®, Camel ®, Clean Earth®, Myers and FMC®Pumps.

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Catalog page2

Swivel Joints, Ball Valves,2 & 3 way Ball Valves, Vactor Parts, Pressure Relief Valves, Brass Lever Action, Piston, Ball & Butterfly Valves

Catalog page 3

Vactor Replacement Parts - Vac-Con Replacement Parts- Aquatech, Camel, Clean Earth/VACALL, Pump & Pump Parts

Catalog page 4

1/8"- 1/4" - 3/8" Stainless Steel Nozzles, Jetter Hose, Root Rat, Warthog

Catalog page 5

1/2" Stainless & Steel Nozzles, Warthog & Root Rat

Catalog page 6

3/4" Nozzles, Radial Bullet, Penetrator, Chisel, Aluminum Sand, Rotor Spinner Warthog

Catalog page 7

1" Nozzles - Radial Bullet, Penetrator, Steel Sand , Steel Storm/Sand, Bomb, Carbide, Chisel

Catalog page 8

1" Nozzles- Aluminum Grease, Aluminum Storm, Ellipse, Truder, Big & Small Shark

Catalog page 9

1" Nozzles- KEG Royal, Torpedo, Floor/Bottom Cleaner, Rotor/Spinner,Traction, Washdown Gun

Catalog page 10

Complete Warthog Line 1/4" thru 1-1/4"

Catalog page 11

1- 1/4" Nozzles, Halogen Spotlight

Catalog page 12

Manhole Accessories, Tiger Tails, Manhole Hooks, Top Manhole Roller Assembly

Catalog page 13

Max-Life Manhole Tools

Catalog page 14

Root Cutter Assemblies - Flat, Concave, Spiral - Root Ripper, Flexible Shark Blades

Catalog page 15

Flat, Concave & Spiral Blades 4" thru 18", Carbide Tipped Flat Blades, Diamond Tap Cutter, Chain Root Cutters

Catalog page 16

Mainline Jetter Hose 3/4" thru 1-1/4", 1/8"-1/4" - 3/8" Jetter Hose

Catalog page 17

1/2" Jetter Hose - Leader Hose 1/2" thru 1-1/4", Hose Mending Machines

Catalog page 18

Hose Fittings - Piranha, Parker & Aeroquip - Potable Hose Reels

Catalog page 19

Pipe Plugs - Hose Reels

Catalog page 20

Confined Space Entry Systems - Hurco Smoke Testing Equipment

Catalog page 21

Clamps, Elbows, Flanges, Reducers, Couplers & Weldments

Catalog page 22

Aluminum Intake Tubes - Kanaflex Debris Hose, Blue Layflat Hose, Hydrant Hose, Green Monster Hose

Catalog page 23

Buehler Milling Cutters, Vac-Con Rear Door Seal, Inlet/Outlet Seals


An Easy to Use Penumatic Tool for Grabbing Objects in Sewers and Ventilation Systems
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